Monday, November 9, 2009

Majlis Perkahwinan Suhaili & Rosharizal

Saat yang dinanti-nanti sudah hampir tiba. Tinggal 10 hari lagi. Macam2 rasa. Ada nervous, excited & risau pun ada. Ehe..biasala tu. Segala persiapan sudah hampir siap 100%. Moga majlis akad nikah & sanding nanti akan berlangsung dengan lancar. InsyaAllah..

Di sini,kami ingin menjemput semua kawan2 yang mengenali diri untuk hadir ke majlis perkahwinan kami pada:

Untuk maklumat lanjut,sila click pada link ini:
Jemputan Majlis Perkahwinan

Rumah Pengantin Perempuan:

Tarikh: 22hb November 2009 (Ahad)

Alamat: No 26, Jalan 5, Taman Batu Caves, 68100 Gombak, Selangor

Rumah Pengantin Lelaki:

Tarikh: 29hb November 2009 (Ahad)

Alamat: No 272, Kampung Seriab, 01000 Kangar, Perlis

Semoga dengan kehadiran saudara-saudari akan memeriahkan lagi majlis.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Dear Diary.....

3 Aug 2009

Dear diary, my day today was as the same as other days. I busy myself with a lot of works,answering phone calls and solving people's problem. Now that it is August i remember that my wedding is on November and i havent finish preparing for my big day. Oh in trouble. I need to find a designer who can design for my dress on my wedding day in in short time. and wedding nitegown. (hhhehehehe) Oh i really need a good photographer and make-up artist too. Wish that i could gather all my friends and have them helping me and it would be very enjoyable. I always dream to have a wedding in a large garden full of blossoming flowers.But i guess my wedding will not be as what i dreamt off. But it's not an issue as i will decorate my wedding with full of fresh flowers and little girls in white carrying basket full of flowers. It would be nice to have tulips on my wedding, But it might burst my budget so forget about it
Diary, i am so glad to have a not so perfect partner in my life which completes me on the inside and outside. He was there with me through the ups and downs in my life. I would never trade my partner with anything and i love him very much. I never thought that i will find someone who truly knows and cares for me in the way that i want men to care for me. Thank you Allah for blessing me with the right man for my life and i will serve him and love him with all my love.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009



Hi frens....i know that the new transformers movie has just being released on the 24th June 2009. I heard a lot of complaints and frustration from my relatives and friends that they couldnt get a ticket to watch this movie. So what i do is my fiance' bought 2 tickets for us a day before the movie release in order for us to watch that movie last sunday. and he was shocked that the ticket nearly sold out until this week. So i thought this might be a good movie. I watched it last Sunday and read my movie review.

1. In this movie Sam wanted a normal life and go to college.
2. Sam and his girlfriend maintain a distance relationship which me and my fiance do now.huhuhuh....
3. Debris from the cube stuck inside Sam's shirt pocket and Sam absorb the mysterious codes from the cube.
4. The Fallen, which is like a great,great,great grandfather of all the autobots and decepticons.
5.Ok guys this time the decepticons is hiding as very beautiful and sexy girls.Yuck....geli i when the girls has such a long robotic tounge and tail.eeeewwwww....
6.A lot of funny scenes added to this new transformers movie. Hillarious.....
7. In this movie they made a plot that the Pyramids was built by the aliens to cover a machine to destroy the sun in order to extract the energy to use by the decepticons.
8. Optimus Prime die and resurrected back by using the key of life.
9. Sam died but the ancestors of the Primes, gave him a new life and help to resurrect Optimus Prime.
10. I'll give 6 out of 10 (huuuurrraaayyyy!!!!)

Well, im waiting for The Ice Age 3 movie. Check my next movie review yah!!!

Tree Party 2009

( My hunny posing nak tanam pokok)


Hello everybody,good morning :) It has been such a long time i havent wrote any new post. I was busy with work and planning for my wedding. Friends i manage to join the Tree Party 2009 at Community Forest Kota Damansara on 21st June 2009. It was a party to educate people about environment and wildlife. I bought a tree which cost RM50 per tree and planted by famous radio station DJs. Some of radio station involve are the ERA fm, Flyfm, Hitzfm,My fm. My tree was planted by Burn from ERA. Apart from planting trees, other activities held during this Tree Party were the jungle trekking lead by a handsome man and kayaking. Sadly i could not join jungle trekking and kayaking as i have other places to go. Well i learn a lot about conserving our mother nature that day and the fresh air from the forest gave me peace and serenity. Friends do help mother nature by not using a lot of plastic bags during shopping girls. Hey i found a lot of trendy shopping bags which we could use for our shopping. And guys, please stop smoking because it is not only bad for environment but the cigarette is bad for ur own health. Think twice before you do anything. Love all...........

( Tasik cantik tempat org main kayak....nice)

(Radio DJs bersiap nak tanam pokok)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday, 7th June 2009


Hi all,another series of dragon boat festival has successfully held at Putrajaya Water Sport Complex.It was much better than the Penang International Dragon Boat and a lot of happening activities organized by the organizer.The facilities in Putrajaya Water Sport Complex was very convienient.I sat at the Grand stand which allows me a full view of the race. A lot of food stalls and kiosk opened that day selling variety of foods,tshirts,handcrafts and even fast food on wheels. A lot of contestants from asia took part in this race. Sadly no 'mat saleh' cute guys can be seen. Ok my sister's team finally brought back a bronze medal after the hardwork they've done. Congrats guys :) It was an enjoyable experience and the sound of the 'gendang' during the race made me excited and recharge my energy. Check out the pics i have for you all.Tata....

One of the shows in between each race-ni emcee tgh tunjuk skill teh tarik

This is me standing in front of the jetty

Skrine Dragon Team A and Team B (My sis 2nd from left)

Paddling to their last breath....penat tu 500m tau

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday 30th May 2009


Hello guys, im having my breakfast now at one of my favourite kopitiam in Penang, Kapitan Kopitiam. So as i wait for my fiance' to finish reading his newspaper, i'll blog in about our last night experience joining the Saturday Nite Drive of Northern part of Malaysia. Errr...its actually a convoy trip of all the Perdana V6 owner which registered under their official website We drove from penang to meet up with others V-sixers at Sg Muda toll and around 6.40pm we started our journey to Alor Star. It was a new experience for me to see how they coordinate with all the drivers in one formation. They used a walkie talkie to keep in contact with each other. There will be a leader and a 'laskar' which i donno what it means to control the traffic and the drivers. We arrived at Alor Star around 7.30pm and joining others V-sixers from Alor Star. I was amazed to see around 20 Perdana V6s waiting for us to join the Nite Drive. I have a feeling of royalty when other cars give way for the convoys to pass through the lane. We stopped for dinner at Kuala Kedah Seafood Restaurant. Ahhh...the foods were delicious. We continue our journey into Alor Star Town and stop for a photo session. Around 12am midnite we roamed the town to the Night Market at Alor Star Stadium for briefing and departing. We said goodbyes to other Vsixers around 12.30 am as i was so damn sleepy and exhausted. It was kind of cool to be a part of this convoy. But i may have to think twice whether i want to join my fiance' to the next convoy because i dont think i could stay up so late in the wee hours. Check out the photos guys and again this is me signing off from Kapitan Kopitiam. Love all.........

Friday, May 29, 2009

Saturday, 30th May 2009


Hai guys and girls.I just watched the latest Terminator series last night at GSC.It was so cool.Read out my movie review....

1. The movie is full with action from starting to
2.Christian Bale was drop dead handsome but i like more the half human and half
robot thing Marcus.
3. In this movie you can actually feel that u are part of the resistance group
fighting the Skynet.(Oh I hate robots)
4. John Connor finally meet up with his father (Kyle Reese) who actually a teenager.
(How funny is that).I remembered later that John Connor had sent Kyle Reese from
the future to protect Sarah Connor in Terminator 1. They both fall in love and
sarah had john.(very confusing...xmasuk akal)

5. The resistance found the hidden wave which could destroy the Skynet and what the
resistance doesnt know that the Skynet actually invent the hidden wavelength to destroy
the resistance itself.(What a pity..)
6. U could find many types of terminator in this movie. My favourite is motorminator.
7. Skynet had invent Marcus which is a humanic robot to act as a spy with a mission
to destroy humankind.(tapi he is still a human and the skynet could not turn him
against human...hahahah padan muka skynet)
8. Oh the funny thing is, ada scene terminator arnold schwarzenger (betul ke aku eja
ni?)lawan dgn john connor at the end of the movie.kelakar betul..
9. The resistance led by John Connor won the war but Skynet still rule the world.

This is a great movie.I've been waiting long for this movie. Guys the new Transformer movie is meeting u guys next month at GSC.Thats a great movie to watch too.Make sure u guys go and watch Terminator Salvation.This is me signing off.Mmmmmuaaahhhsss....